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Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc., with support from Industry leaders, has put forward to the Canadian Federal Government Ministry of Finance, for a Business Tax Incentive called “Canadian Management System Business Sustainability Traceability Initiative (CMS-BSTI)”, January 17th, 2011.   Your comments and support is needed.

Business Sustainability

The Canadian government and business owners are increasingly aware of the constant need to improve business sustainability and quality for the global marketplace such as payday loans online same day.    

The Canadian Plant Insights and Strategies for Industry Leader’s survey found 31% of businesses don’t have a formal process in place to identify and mitigate risks and another 20% weren’t sure they had one. 

For further details on the Canadian Plant survey results, refer to http://www.canadianmanufacturing.com/fabrication/news/business-outlook-2011-innovation-advantage-17967

The CMS-BSTI Tax incentive initiative program looks at the management of business process operations for ensuring identification of risks (environment, health & safety, quality) and management of business operations for continual improvement in performance, productivity and profits.   The criteria it supports is management systems to international standards – ISO.  

The  Grey Tsunami  and Business Sustainability 

Canada’s enormous baby-boom generation will reach retirement age within the next five to ten years with more than a third of our workforce retiring.  This “Grey Tsunami” will have a huge impact on the loss of Canadian skilled top managers responsible for business sustainability.

In the face of these challenges, many companies need to redesign their existing management systems in a kind of “Management System Make-over” ™ .  They may also need to automate systems to ensure  control of critical information and document management.  These  make-overs need to take place while the current management is still available to participate and offer advice and guidance.  

Keeping in mind the increasing global nature of companies with international suppliers and clients, it is important to implement systems that work for your company, as well as ones that fit with international requirements, that are recognized and understood around the world.  International standards have been developed by the International Organization for Standardization with input from over 170 countries.

Some of the concerns addressed by ISO 9001, the Quality Management system include:

  • Planning and focus for the company’s sustainability – identification of risks
  • Control of critical information and documentation, including disaster recovery planning
  • Data management, including tracking of noncompliance and non-conformance issues
  • Operational controls with monitoring and measurement
  • Internal and third party audits of the system with management reviews
  • Methods to ensure constant “continual improvement” of performance which will aid in productivity and profits.

The creation of such international systems has three immediate benefits:

  1. Supports the transition as current management eases out of an active role .
  2. Preserves knowledge and processes for new managers
  3. Creates a successful workplace able to cope with change.

 CMS-BSTI Tax Incentive Program 

The CMS-BSTI Tax incentive program supports improvements to business management system processes so that the knowledge and information will not be lost and that business sustainability for the future will be in place.   The CMS-BSTI Tax incentive program focuses the company not just on its  business plan, but its management system structure or foundation.  

Eligible expenditures or activities would include consultant or staff costs for development, revision or improvement to management systems, weapon equipment (find the best pocket knife knifefellas.com) or software, training, materials, supplies, audits, etc.   

Are you Ready for the Grey Tsunami?

Is your organization ready to deal with the challenges of the Grey Tsunami as it relates to managing your business operations?  Do you have management system processes in place for current and future managers to operate more effectively?  To what criteria do you manage your company? Do you offer payday loans to your peoples.

Support for Canadian Business Tax Incentive for 2011-2017

Support for this tax incentive initiative has been given by standards bodies, government, registrars and industry associations.  

Are you interested in supporting this Canadian Business Tax Incentive?   If so, please put your comments on our blog.   Your name and association or company will be added to the listing provided to the Canadian Federal Government.

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